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2 in 1 Fire Engine Duck Sliding Track Over Musical Truck Toy 


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  • 2 In 1 Fire Engine Slide Toy: The toy creatively combines the fire engine with the automatic slide toy. The fire engine can move on the ground with music and lights, and the little ducks can slide down the tracks after being sent to the top automatically.
  • Rotating Ferris Wheel: The round device in the middle part of the slide toy looks like and works like a ferris wheel. The ferris wheel will turn continuously to send the little ducks who slide down to the bottom.
  • Slide Down Happily: With the ferris wheel in the middle part, the ducks will be sent to the top of the sliding track automatically. Under the influence of gravity, the ducks will slide down the sliding track automatically as there are 2 metal wheel in its bottom.
  • Universal Wheel: The toy can move on the ground except the slide toy function. The fire engine comes with a universal wheel in the bottom that enables it avoids the obstacles automatically.
  • Lights & Music: Except the lovely cartoon design and creative functions, the toy also comes with dynamic music and cool lights. The lights and music function make the toy more funny.
  • Great Gift for Kids: With the lovely appearance as well as funny functions, kids will be attracted easily by this toy. It is even suitable for toddlers as it is very easy to play. No additional operation is required once the toy starts because it works automatically.


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