About Us

Chunnu Munnu kids store is an online shopping platform for parents to shop from an exclusive range of products for your infants to toddlers babies.

Chunnu Munnu has been delivering for five years to provide a good quality of stuff. It provides all you are browsing for, whether to make your child smile or it is about their comfort as parents never compromise when it comes to their child. At our online store, you will find a variety of stuff in exclusive range as we never fail to amaze our customers.
As the day passes newborn babies grow, as they need so. Our store keeps looking over your baby demands and needs and what makes them happy so we provide from top-notch brand skincare products to bathing stuff, clothing stuff, dinning stuff, learning tools as toys. You will find every accessory on your doorstep cause its all best.

Chunnu Munnu online kids store has been working on this platform for a long time and has achieved its customer trust. It has been delivering a variety of products on exclusive ranges. No matter what you need it’s just about time go through our website to choose best for your child and order. The Internet makes it easier to shop from home as It always been so tiring to shop while carrying your child or left them at home with baby sitter these things won’t let you choose best for your children cause it to keep diverting your mind.

So, let our store help you to choose best for your baby just sitting on a couch and order from top-notch brands such as Johnson-Johnson, Cool and Cool, avent, Pigeon. We are ways looking forward to accomplishing parents’ demands.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring a smile on your child by our exquisite collection ultimately that makes parents satisfied with the product that built a healthy relationship between us and customers

Why Shop From Us

Exclusive range: Our primary concern is to satisfy our customers so we have a variety of products in an exclusive range.

Variety: We have a variety of product from early gear to baby skincare, baby clothing, bathing, playing tool, learning stuff and toys in wooden material, bouncers, Jumper, E-books, pool sets, baby gift sets, flashcard for basic learning, and lot more brand products available at our store.

Instant home delivery: We take care of your need and make sure to deliver your order on time.

Shipping is free for orders exceeding 2000 Rupees.

Customized offer: We customized offers and deals tome to time so you could buy stuff at affordable prices.

Customer service: our aim is to serve you with exquisite products and our crew members work efficiently to make sure our customer is pleased. We do help our customers throughout the shopping to choose as we do believe all children deserve to treat better so as their parents want the best for them.

Prompt delivery: Our crew works efficiently to dispatch your order on time and make sure to avoid unnecessary causes that makes your order delay.